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Will You Take Me Back

Greg X Volz

Took a lot of courage
To talk to you today
And there's something else
I really can't define
Like to burn all my bridges
But I can't seem to find a light
I've got to know
Just where you draw the line

Will you take me back
Will you take me back
Didn't know what I was losing
Till it was already gone
And I realize
I never should have let you go

I want to feel you with me
The way I used to do
And get carried off
By all the things you say
But I can't take it for granted
We could have it all again
Though it's what I've always hoped for
When I pray

How do you rebuild
What used to reach so high
When rubble covers
Everything in sight
But you can make a way
Where there just is no way
Please don't leave me
Like a blind man in the night

Will you take me back
Will you take me back
Through the tears my eyes are opened
And I just have to laugh
As I realize you never let me go
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