The Mirror

Greg X Volz

Where did the mirror go?
Don't know where
Where did the mirror go?

Cause when i looked up, i saw me there
Was a man that was so unaware
You have to seek then you will find
Your life is not a game, it's not a rhyme

Who was that man? what did i fear?
When i walked away the image was unclear
But then i heard an awesome sound
Was this the master's voice that i had found?

What did i hear? was i afraid?
How could i get a glimpse of me, then walk away
Why should i turn? where should i go?
Was there a master plan i did not know?

I found the key, i was amazed
For his word became a mirror to my face
For it's the truth that i had found
My god had put my feet on higher found

Where did the mirror go?
What did the mirror show?
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