Jesus Is The Joy Of Living

Greg X Volz

Jesus is... The joy of living, he's the king of life to me
Unto him my all I'm giving, his forevermore to be
I will do what he commands me
Anywhere he leads, I'll go
Jesus is... The joy of living
He's the dearest friend I know

I have found a wonderous saviour
Jesus christ, the soul's delight
Every blessing of his favour
Fills my heart with hope so bright
Life is growing rich with beauty
Toil has lost its weary strain
Now a halo crowns each duty
And I sing a glad refrain
You ask why? I say...

Heavenly wisdom he provides me
Grace to keep my spirit free
In his own sweet way he guides me
When the path I cannot see
O what splendour, o what glory
O what matchless power divine
Is the christ of gospel story
Christ, the saviour who is mine
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