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A Confession

Fly To The Sky

Tonight I'm writing to you~
I stayed up all night thinking about you
This and that, the feelings that I never told you~
Yoo Hoo! I sent an E-Mail~ did you see it
I'm embarrassed that it's so lacking
There's no word that can express how I feel about you
What if you don't understand

Sent from above~ You're like an angel
She's so beautiful to me~ I love her
Promise me~ That you accept my love
Only Woman that I need Oh~ yeah~

For the first time yesterday I bought a present that contains my feelings
Will you like the song that is so much like that way I feel
I'm embarrassed that it's so lacking
Like a child, exhilaration fills my chest
As if your reply had come


I can't wait,
I want to visit your dreams tonight and ask if you love me
If you feel the way I do
I'm happy, please open your heart up to me~
I have no strength to wait~ Please accept my love~
Come in my dreams again~ If you love me~
I have nothing more to wish for then
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