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Yak sok

Fly To The Sky

Girl, I know it's hard, but don't ever lose hope
We'll get through this together, I promise...

Uhn jae nah naht suhn ah peum deul eun
Seup gwahn chuh rum dah shi chah jah wah noon mool eul jit jji mahn
Geu dae gah neul mi ahn hae hah duhn
Choh rah hahn hyun shil eun young won hah ji ahn chyo

* Gahm sah hae yo geu dael boh nae joo shyuht dduhn
Haneul ee oo ril ji kyuh jool kkuh seul

Uhn jaen gah neun jah yoo rohp kkae nah rah gahl soo ee ssuh
Geu dae ae kkoom chuh rum oo rin

You don't need to cry any longer I'll be there for you...

Hahn guh reum ddoh hahn guh reum geu daen
Poh gi hah ji ah nah nahn mi duh yo ji chuh gah gaet jji mahn
Uhn jae nah gah teul soon up kaet jjyo
Duh mah neun nahl deul ee gi dah ril tae ni kkah

* repeat

Uhn jaen gah neun jah yoo rohp kkae nah rah gahl soo ee ssuh
(Oh~ yes you will) geu dae gah kkoom kkwuh waht dduhn guht chuh rum
Yahk sohk hae yo nah ae sahl mi noh ah jool ddae kkah ji
Ji kyuh jool soo ee ssuh nuhl sarang hah ni kkah

Ah reum dahp kkae mah jeu ryuh ae ssuh joon bi haet dduhn
Geu jah geun bah raem doh gah kkah ee eet neun guht

Wipe your tears away, here comes the sunny days
No more worries cause the storm is gone I'm here to stay
I know it's hard for you, the pain you're going through
And by looking at you girl, I feel the hurt you do

Through the good and the bad times, I'll be there
Keep your head up high, don't you ever feel despaired
I'm always here for you and you know this much is true
If you're ever feeling doubt, I'll come and comfort you

Let's live a life of hope and give a love unknown
And together we'll see what the future holds

Uhn jaen gah neun jah yoo rohp kkae nah rah gahl soo ee ssuh
Geu dae ae noon mool ee kkoom kkoo duhn nahl deul eun
Nuh moo ah reum dah ool kkuht gaht jjyo

So don't worry anymore, I'll always be by your side
Whenever you call on me, I promise you...
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