Mal Ro da

Fly To The Sky

I want you~ I need you~ tell you how I feel
I want you~ I need you~ show my love for real

1st verse

mal ro da mot hal nae mam eul al ko it ni Oh~ baby neu ggil soo ga it ni
I want you~ I need you on chong il neo eui saeng kak eu ro ga deuk chan na reul pwa

I want you~ I need you meom chool soon eop seo
I want you~ I need you seul peum eun eop seo

Stop what your doin' don't play your games
Cause you know that I'm fallin', ain't got no shame
And I wanna be with you, Love the things you do
And I promise on my life that it's love that I'm giving to you
Say what you want I'll give it all tonight
And if it's me that you need, I'll give you all you like
Call me over and I'll come to you with open arms
You my boo, hunnie please, I'll keep you safe from harm (what!)

2nd verse

sang sang mot haet seo nan ee reon nal ee ol chool Oh~ baby ma chi ggoom man kad ah
I want you~ I need you seh sang ee nae rin chook pok sok eh oo rin ham keh it seo

I want you~ I need you ggeum eop si pa rae
I want you~ I need you o chik neol pa rae

Everything you do makes me feel so good
If you let me get up on you Girl, you know I would
Girl you got it going on, You're the one I really want
And I know inside my heart that you and I we do belong
Girl, if you need me I'll be there for you
Don't you know that I'm lovin' everything you do
Come on over with your smile cause you makin' me wild
Girl, you got it going on with your phyique, style!

3rd verse

mae il gi do hae ee sa rang yeong hweon ha gil Oh~ baby hang sang pyeon chi an kil
I want you~ I need you noon tteu neun ah chim ma da na eui poom eh neh ga it kil


nan neo ra myeon eo ddeon mi rae ra do man teul keu reol cha sin to saeng kyeo
cham ta haeng ya ham kkeh hae chool nal ee man heu ni
neol ki ppeum eu ro chae weo kal keh I try to love...
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