I Know..But

Fly To The Sky

I know well that it will be hard for you to do this
To do this, to let me love you
It won't be fair to have you forever
(My heart wants to have you)
I'm so greedy

I know...my heart is a fool
But since then it hasn't change
(I know...but...)
Let me love you...

I'm really okay.
I can show her thousands of times
Little by little I want you
There are thousands of things I can do
The fact is that I want you so much, but..
(I can't be more in love with you)
And I can't leave you

* Repeat

(Don't you know? I'll be yours forever)
You look away from me, but still I'll live
(Until whenever this happens)
I hope that you are happy going your way

I want to show you that I can go without time
But things you do make it harder
And there's nothing I can do

* repeat
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