Fly To The Sky

Baby, I've waited so long to tell you how I feel inside
And I think you should know
I'll be here for you, whenever you call on me
I'll be loving you, till my last day comes

1st verse
I can show you like this
You give me so feelings of joy
I'll open up my heart so that I can understand you
And everything will fly high up in the skies

Lately one of my small wishes has come true
Now you bring me joy
You will never need to shed a tear because of me
You need never feel any sadness for loving me

I love you more than there are stars in the sky
But I couldn't express it
I want to be the only thing in the world for you
I want to always remain with you
Understand my feelings for you
(I'll be loving you)

2nd verse
I never want to have to hide my feelings for you
I'll open up to you and take you higher than the sky
That first day that I met you I looked into your eyes
And I could see myself shining clearly in them

I will give all of myself to you
Now all of this is in my heart
You won't regret having picked me
Now I promise heaven that you can trust in me

Until now I, woh~~ had never let anyone go so deeply into my heart
There are no words to express this feeling of love in my heart
I'll do it for me until I know everything about you, woh~~


I can't make it any clearer for you~~
(I'm here for you. Whenever you need me. I love you~)
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