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Tragic love

Fly To The Sky

Like a main female character in a sad tragedy, you came to me
And like you were putting on a play just for me
You got up and left

(Rap) Back in the day when I was young
I'm not a kid no more
I've been a fool to all the games before
Movin' on 'cause now I had enough of being
The game was once player
Now It's over, ya lose

If you were gonna leave, you'd rather do it so it hurts
What hurts me most is that smile that I can't decipher

l repeat

even though it's going to be more miserable, it doesn't matter anymore
cuz you're going to ignore me till the end and leave the way you want to anyway

l repeat

even you know that I gave you my everything
and my last wish is to know your true heart

l repeat X 2
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