Fly To The Sky

When I fall asleep, I might not awake
It feels like I cant feel any pain
And so this night, until the white dawn comes,
I will only think one thought

The white blinding face,
You sing a song for me
When you tuck me in under a square shaped blanket
Even the world cant not fall asleep

*You are already someone elses girl (Im just the way I am)
You seem so happy (Im a person you dont know)
My sadness becomes the ocean,
Then it becomes the rain
And it soaks your hair

You left so quickly
It seemed like you got on a train
You left me one word
That we arent going to happen

On the white blinding face,
you were touching your lips to another person
My remaining love may end
I want to tell you to give me some time

(* Repeat)

The words that I didnt finish telling you
They are overwhelming my heart right now
Im a person who lacks so much
And I know that is why you left
Why didnt you tell me?

Just as much as I was in pain,
I withstand it better than before
Because I can see you.
Please dont let go of my love
Because that is all my everything

(* Repeat)

I am falling asleep
To a place without you..
With you..
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