Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

Fly To The Sky

-9... we ain't stopping for no one...
You better get on wit it yall...
Check it out looking fly, when I first passed you by,
Turned around a second time cause you were on my mind.
I pushed up then you started kickin game wit me.
Couldn't think of what to say cuase you were like a dream (uh)

I don't wanna say goodbye the past the memories that we shared together I
can't erase them just like this. I don't wanna say goodbye. Don't lose to
time I need you all the time girl~

The time that I've waited for, the time to separate has come. I couldn't erase the feeling of uncertainty from your face That was full with a smile

I know I made mistakes, but none to make you mad.
So it's a question in my mind why you left so fast.
So understand me boo cause all I want is you, and
I would get down on my knees if you want me to (so come on)

Don't say anything. Just like this in that place
I don't have the confidence to live this life without you Only my tears that are falling
Are you showing me your feelings that you were hiding for so long now?
What am I supposed to do about myself?
Who has been praying for us?
Hoping that this is not the end of our union

I don't wanna say goodbye
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