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2 Become 1

Fly To The Sky

Narration) Hey Girl, It's hard to explain what I'm feelin' inside
So, Just close your eyes and listen..

I told myself that there were no such things as miracles
Before I knew you, my thoughts were so immature
The thought that I believed that time could take away love
It had no use on us both at all

*One, Can you believe that the two became one?
You came inside of me and I became a different me
Two, its two for one
We are walking towards the same place
To a world called forever

Sometimes I made you struggle
Saying that my heart isnt perfect
Saying that feelings change sometimes
Hoo--I know, the love that you give me
It is all truthful. Im sorry,
I will believe now, the endless love

(* Repeat)

Yesterday, I worked very hard all day
And I just fell asleep
At dawn, I missed you so I opened my eyes
When you found me, I told myself that dreams come true

One, You, who is like an angel is the one and only star
When I am lost, you help me find the way
Two, its two people who have the same heart
When I was in pain, you were also in pain
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