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Oo ri ee jae

Fly To The Sky

Geu neu kkim eul dwae dohl lil soon up ssuh mi ryun mahn ee~ (mi ryun mahn ee~)
Geu nyuh mahn ae hyang gi ae juh juh deul goh shi puh (ee soon gahn ae~)
Oh ji ah neul nuh wah ae shi gahn eul ahl goh ee ssuh (Oh~ baby love~)

Suh rahp sohk ae ji nyuh ohn nuh ae moh seup ahn ae suh
Hahm kkae eet neun chahk kkahk ae ppah jyuh deul goh mahn ee ssuht jji
Ddeu guhp dduhn neu nahl ae suh roh ae soom kkyul eul
Ee jaen neu kkil soo doh up neun guhl nah neun wae ee ruhl kkah

* repeat

Why can't you see baby love, that I put you above all things
God knows how I wanna be with you, love the things you do
Wanna touch and hold you so bring those teder kisses,
My misses and make you real hot girl, all through the night 'cuz ya makin'
Me feel all good inside, come to me tonight, girl you so tight,
I'll give you back rubs and good loving if that's what you like and if you want it,
And need it, I'll bring it, so take it, now turn off the light forget whatever's on ya' mind
Relax and just let me do all I can 'cuz your loving's making me feel numb all
over now let me touch you again

Nuh ae poom ae ji geum doh nae gah nah mah ee sseul kkah
Sahng nyum sohk ae jahm kyuh suh nuh ruel geu ri goh mahn eet nae
Nah ae gae joo uht dduhn soh joong hahn sarang eul
Gah seum ah nae gi pi gahn jik hae I love you forever

* repeat

Ee jae nuhl bohl ssoo up neun nahl gah seum ah pah hah ji mah
Ji nahn nahl deul sohk ae muh mool goh mahn shi puh Forever~

Baby, please relax, take off you coat and unwind
We've got all night to be together so don't even think of the time
You got me thinkin' bout the ways that I could come and enter yo' heart
I knew that we were meant to be the day we had that walk in the park
You've got me daze, I'm still amazed that I was the one
You know that you could've had another but you chose me
Now you're all that I want, keep in mind and understand you're all that I need
So bring your loving baby girl tonight I'm down for you
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