Fly To The Sky

Today the day knows me, gives me breath
Tomorrow the day will be this way too
Let me into your heart
Until I find the secret door to your heart
Everyday I'll search, for a hundred years

I want to be a mirror in your room
So that one day I may meet you face to face
So I can look at your worrying face

Eyes look, eyes seem to listen
You reflection seems to listen to my troubles
I want to meet you, I want to hold you
I become so sad when I realise that I don't actually know you

I know
When I'm by your side
You'll smile, you'll cry
To let you know if I'm laughing or crying
Please open your heart

Little by little, bit by bit I'm getting ready
My huge love is not in vain
I wish, I believe a little
I believe we will be together

Can't we go back to the place when I couldn't leave you?

You should know, know what's in my heart
I've been alone for a long time, been single
I'll wait, Please wait
I believe that someday we'll be together
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