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Fly To The Sky

I want everyone out there who has someone special in their lives
to say how much you care and how much you need them by your side
So I would like to dedicate this songs This one's for you

You, I look at your appearance that is filling up my eye
You, When I close my eyes, I still see you

Every road that I walk as I hold your hand,
The reason why the sunlight smiles upon us
And the gentle breeze blows over us is
Because the happiness from the depth of my heart
Is being told all over the world

*You! You are the sunlight in my life today
Loving you is something that loves me back
It is something that promises that I am different

It is something that protects

You, As you are in my arms,
tilt your ears and feel me
You, When my heart gets too full,
I am sincerely wanting your everything

Even after I send you home,
The reason why II stand there for a long time
and cant go back easily is because
My footsteps are sad and I miss you again

repeat *
You are in front of me right now, I thank you so much

I believed that there was no forever till now
Just as the sunset dyes red,
I am afraid that I will lose you..
You who is soaking into me

You! You are the sunlight in my life today
You, who loves me, you gave me meaning in my life
Just receive next to me, you can do that
Because you made me born again
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