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Fly To The Sky

Fly To The Sky

To me who believed that I can't have everything in this world-Even though I have nothing,
Tell me I have nothing to loose again-
At one moment when I was looking all over for only you
Out of the thousands of people, I felt it
I can do it¢®¦ if it's with you
It's alright baby I fly to the world watch over me
Can you makin me high it's alright baby
We fly to the sky for me - it's okay
We can fly towards the sky together
Even the world love needs more light
It became a word that is overused, I want to show you all of my feelings and thought that I cant express with words
I'll be the light in this world full of lies and greed.
I can do it - if It's with you
Girl I know what you thinking when yoo sleeping at night, Your thinking I'm stressing but baby I'm alright,
You lie an angel watching over me,
I once was blind but now I see, your moving brings ecstasy, Can't you see, you're my girl for eva my lady
I probably couldn't see the near future, for that reason,
We are going to live the best way we can
I wanted to know why the dream that everyone has couldn't be accomplished, oh why??
I'm a lyrical lyricist on the mic get contagious
I be tighter than tightest, I be the badest,
Fly high way up to the sky
Let me see your hands, you know how we ride

It's alright baby, I fly to the world watch over me
Can you makin' me high
It's alright baby we fly to the sky for me-
I'm okay, I'm flying the sky with you
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