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Turned around

Fly To The Sky

9-9, we ain't stoppin for no one,
You better get on wit it ya'll, check it out

Lookin fly when I first passed you by
Turned around a second time cause you was on my mind
I pushed up, then you started kickin game wit me
Couldn't think of what to say cause you was like a dream come true
Now we hit it up, lockin lips, oh my God what I would do if I could touch your hips
But now all I do is reminisce the times
If our love was like a movie, then I'd press rewind

Gi dah ryuh waht dduhn shi gahn ee
Ee byul ae shi jahk ee uh ssuh
Mi so roh gah deuk hah duhn nuh mah nae uhl gool ae suh
Doo ryuh oon geu neu kkim eul ji ool soon up ssuh

* I don't wanna say goodbye ji nahn shi gahn hahm kkae haet dduhn choo uk eul
Ee dae roh ji ool soon up ssuh
I don't wanna say goodbye shi gahn sohk ae jyuh buh ri ji mah rah jwuh
I need you all the time girl

I know I made mistakes, but none to make you mad
So its a question in my mind why you left so fast
So understand me boo, cause all I want is you
And I would get down on my knees if you would want me to (so come on)

Ah moo mahl hah ji mah rah jwuh
Ee dae roh geu jah ri ae suh
Nuh up neun ee sae sang eul sah rah gahl jah shin up ssuh
Dduh ruh jyuh heu tuh ji neun nae noon mool mahn ee

* repeat

Soom gyut dduhn nuh ae mah eum eul
Ji geum ae yah nah ae gae roh boh nae neun guh ni
Geu dohng ahn oo ril wi hae gi do hah duhn
Nah neun ee jae uh dduh kae hae

Haneul beet cheu roh nae noon ae nah meun nuh ae noon
Ah roh sae gyuh jyut dduhn oo ri mahn nahm ee kkeut chi ah ni geul

* repeat
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