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Magic Song

Fly To The Sky

For many nights, you held so many small concerts
inside my headphones singing about love and separation.
I memorized your many songs
(Baby I would never know what it's about)
Even if I dont understand them very well
(Maybe, there is something about your music)
It seemed like my story so again tonight,
Before bed, with an exhausted heart I put on my headphones

* Press play Sing me my song
With my tear stained pillow,
Help me to soothe my heart that cannot fall asleep
Those songs, its magic that only you can do

In our meets with her, your songs were a lot of help to me
Within the many songs, my favorite song was about a farewell
(Tell me, how does it feel to break up)
Even if I dont understand very well
(Let me, know what your song is about)
Though I think I know what it means today
So I get on my small bed and before sleep finds me,
I put on my headphones and..

(* Repeat)

I broke up with her today
In your song, that pain in the heart
and that frustration, was that what is was all about?
I cant take it...

(* Repeat)
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