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Fly To The Sky

The precious memories in me
In which I cant hesitate any longer...
Suddenly, tears fall from the thoughts of you

*The times with you that I wanted to hold onto
They make me struggle so much
Help me, so that I can let you go

** Can't believe I was blind but you're still in my heart
Just as much tears you are sheding
Sorry I made you cry Thinking of you at times
I will miss you, forever

I will probably forget about you little by little...
Those memories I had with you..
Suddenly tears fall from the thoughts of you

(*, ** Repeat)

Even if your heart hurts trying to forget me,
Even if its so exhausting
I will get to forget you little by little
Even the warmth of your body, even your eyes
Hurts deep inside

(** Repeat x 2)
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