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Wanna Be With You

Fly To The Sky

The time stopped just like this (with you)
Feel each other's body heat (I want you to know)
Feel everything in this moment (ooh tell me)
Just wanna be with you.
Only you are my everything (at this moment)
Feel each other's breathing ( I want you to know)
Feel everything in this place (ooh tell me,
just wanna be with you)
I waited for this moment in my impatience.
Nothing is important now
It's only the two of us together in this world.

You know I feel for you you feel for me
We feel the same cause we were meant to be
There's nothing you could do to make me walk away
Cause see girl I'm always here to stay
We've been through things both good and bad
But I'll never ever leave you cold and sad
I always pray that our love will last
Forgive me girl for things I've done in the past
I bought you rings and diamonds and pearls.
I gave you my love and I'll give you my world.

There's an answer I need for the question I ask
So give it some time if I'm loving too fast.
I'm always there for you, you know.
So live me back don't ever let go.
I wanna be the father of your son and
I'll love you girl till my life is done.
We passed many days and
I never got to show you how I felt inside when we met.
From now on we're going to share a soul.
I'm going to show you me, truthfully.
I didn't understand what you really wanted.
But now we're one.
From now till forever.
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