I want you I need you

Fly To The Sky

I want you. I need you. Tell you how I feel.
I want you. I need you. Show my love for real.

Do you know my heart that hasn't been able to say everything? Oh baby~
You can you feel it?
I want you. I need you. Look at me whose thought about you all day.

I want you. I need you. I can't stop.
I want you. I need you. There's not sadness.

Stop what your doin' don't play your games
Cause you know that I'm fallin', ain't got no shame
And I wanna be with you, Love the things you do
And I promise on my life that it's love that I'm giving to you
Say what you want I'll give it all tonight
And if it's me that you need, I'll give you all you like
Call me over and I'll come to you with open arms
You my boo, honey please, I'll keep you safe from harm (what!)

I didn't even think a day like this would come to be. Oh~ baby. It feels only like a dream.
I want you. I need you. We're inside the blessings that the world has send together.

I want you. I need you. I pray for no end.
I want you. I need you. I pray, always for only you.

Everything you do makes me feel so good
If you let me get up on you Girl, you know I would
Girl you got it going on, You're the one I really want
And I know inside my heart that you and I we do belong
Girl, if you need me I'll be there for you
Don't you know that I'm lovin' everything you do
Come on over with your smile cause you makin' me wild
Girl, you got it going on with your physique, style!

Everyday, I pray for this love to last forever. Oh~ baby. For there to be no change.
I want you. I need you. For you to be in my arms each morning when I open my eyes.


If its you, I get the confidence that I can make whatever future.
Its such a great thing, that there are so many days for us to be together.
With happiness I'll take care of you. I try to love...
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