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Little Step

Fly To The Sky

Do you believe in miracles? I've experienced it and it impacted me well.
She came to me unexpectedly and the day feels like a dream.
I was a fool, young, unable to say a word.

I wasn't confident enough, she was pretty and proud.
I can't explain it in words, no I can't explain it at all, everything just stopped.

The winds carry your scent and they remind me of your smile.
It brings me to life.
You will be my only one. Every little step, I'm coming to you.
From the moment I met you, everything changed.

I believe in miracles, they give me strength and I can feel it each day.
The sun is brighter, people around me are happy, when you are with me.

I don't living without you. When I look at you, I melt all the way down to my feet.
I can't say I love anymore, those feelings left with you.

My heart is going up to you. I'm making each step, breathing each breath for you (each breath for you).
You're my star, my sun, I'm only happy when I'm with you.

I want to be your friend, you know I mean it babe.
Don't hide your thoughts, your faults, reveal them to me.
I want to be your star, you know I mean it babe.
I want to give you strength, and even become your idol.
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