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Only One

Fly To The Sky

Narration) I just wanna make you mine Girl just stay with me tonight

Those days when someone was by you
And we easily met and separated
Those days that were more comfortable when you were just alone
My heart that believed that there is
no other person more precious than me
And believed that I cant love anyone else
Inside my heart that thought that way...

Like a lie, even if I just looked at you
As I look at you who was such a good person for me
I prayed that we would be forever

*You accepted my heart
And when I hurt you,
(Girl wont you stay)
It was because it was my first time
And I didnt know how to protect that love
As time went by, the person that helped me to know love
(I need your love) Your the only love that I've ever known
The person that is so precious to me...

I hope that you only look at me
Because of my greed of hoping
That you would go along with me

I made you cry with hurtful words every night
Im sorry, with an explaination of love
I hid my faults

(* Repeat)

Now I became a different person for you
So that I can get a little loser
So that I dont have to be shy anymore

Even if I am exhausted by waiting for you
(Girl wont you stay) Just like the day
When I first promised my love, I didnt change
As I loved you, I got to know your sadness
(I need you babe) I will keep it in my heart
So that you will be happy

Because I love you
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