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Sea of Love

Fly To The Sky

Always tears fall in my dreams
And the icy cold wind is blowing
How come waiting for you feels like the end of my life?
For some days, for some years
You probably won't be the same
Can I see you once more?

*For the moon, by the sea
You leave the seashore
Until all the tears are dry (Until they're all dry)
Love will still be waiting I won't know why (I won't know why)
Now I'll go back to you
You won't know when there is a world without you
Still there is time for me to be whole
Meet me...

From the bottom of my heart
Girl with you , I'll be true
It is all lies (Lies!)
My heart is eaten up (My heart is eaten up)
He'll not forget how he will die for you

I still wanna live as I forget you
But that won't happen and only more pain will come
Your love has just finished, but..
My love has only just begun

From the bottom of my heart
Still I'm falling in love
You are in my dreams (From my dreams)
Come back and give me a Kiss (If you give me a Kiss)
Even if I didn't promise you
I'll be waiting everyday


Whenever a tear falls from your eyes
Then I'll dry your tears and make them mine
Please come back to me (Why won't I know?)

*repeat x 2

In my dreams the tears have stopped....
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