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Shy Love

Fly To The Sky

Even though I couldn't confess my love to you today
Every night I'm always thinking of you.
From afar I see you walking closer
If only this moment lasted forever
I would want to show you how I truly feel.
When I'm by your side, I cant even talk to you..
I just want to stare at your face.

(*Chorus) I always will treasure your laughing/smiling face
Every time I see your smiling face I want to tell you..
Truthfully, I like you
And I'll always look after you..

(Rap) Why even try ? Is the question on my mind.. Every time I see you near, My body freezes and I fear that you are unaware, tender loving care, Do ya understand how much I wanna be your man ? I wanna tell you what you mean to me, start a family, and love together truthfully.. No more worries cuz I'm here for you my friend in need.. Are ya down ? Girl you need to know you're all I need, Come around ..

Can you stay the way you are
One day I will show you how I truly feel about you from the bottom of my heart..


(Bridge) You told me to go back in if I didn't tell you what was on my mind
I wanted to say that we should have a closer relationship..

Now I can confess..
The words I could not say..
Forever .. I'll look after you
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