10 Million Strong

Mint Condition


So smooth and dreamy
I always knew that
I'd always like your style

So rich and creamy
My heart's still beamin
Girl when you smile (smile)

I cherish every moment spent
Girl you must have been heaven sent
Down from the sky

I never wanted to hit and run
Just had a strong vision of us
Together for a while


Stars above say we belong
And i'll never go away

Together 10 million strong
10 million


Hearts filled with sunshine
Sweet suga' thang
You're just a gold mind

Treasure so precious
You're always so gracious
You make me sparkle with pride

I always knew that
Me and you would make it
Me and you would take it so far

I'm so glad to be with you
Come on let's keep goin
Come on let's keep growin
Let's reach for more stars


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