I Want It Again

Mint Condition


You know it's been so long
Since we've played hide and seek
You know I've never played
That way
Kind of freaky

Sexy curiousity went to our heads
We were both curious like a cat
So we both had a sexy death

Head on body collision
Don't even think about body division
Ever since you showed me this feeling
I want it inside
Of every evenin

I know its been along time
But if you don't mind
Give me a sign
So I ain't outta line
I gotta tell you my friend


I want it again
Again and again
I want it again
Again and again


You've got me shook (You've got me whooped)
Severely whooped (severely hooked)
You've got me whooped (severely shooked)
Severely shooked


It's real simple
Popped like a pimple
You know we had a good time
And ever since it's been on my mind
I merely wanna lay you down
Then roll around the town
Just never told you how I really feel
So here's the deal



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