Who Can You Trust

Mint Condition

Tell me, who can you trust these days
Cause people don't be about it like they say
Gotta be watching your back night and day
Who can you trust
Tell me, who can you trust or not
The ones that be trying' to get what you got
Just listen to these words whatever you do
The only one you trust is you

People these days ain't it a shame the way they be
Please don't be fooled it's not the ones that you would think
There's things that's going on that you can't always see
This world is filled with jealousy and envy

Just like them people that be all up in your grill
Saying about claiming to know just how you feel.
But, the very second that your back is turned
They draggin your shit through the dirt.


For every day I start to doubt the things that people be about
I guess that's just the way it is (it is)
Sometimes it's ??? you know the way people put on a show
Just to get up in your biz
Just watch your back, cause sometimes people act like bats
Creepy and low
You may not belive, but I bet you will not see me on
The Jerry Springer Show

Chorus w/ad libs to end
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