Someone To Love

Mint Condition


It feels so good when I'm with you
Pure ecstasy

It's just the little things that you do
That makes me wanna be right there
When you need
Someone to love


Cause if its love you seek
I'll give you all the love you need
Just take my hand
And I'll lead the way
If you need someone to love


Your lips your eyes they get to me baby
And I lose control

Such a warm personality
You make me want it more and more and more each day
I wanna be your someone to love



I'll give you more
More than you've ever know
A love you can call your own

My heart and soul
I'll give to you
I'll be dedicated
I know that we can make it baby



Someone to love
Someone to hold
Someone to kiss
With you I wanna grow old
Someone to squeeze
Someone to tease
So just believe
I'll always be faithful
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