Raise Up

Mint Condition

Verse 1:
Tell me how are we suppose to live
Together (well)

With no harmony (harmony)

Between us
Tell me can we work it out (work it out)
And stop this war

We got to
Gots to raise up (6x)
For the peace and the soul
Gots to raise up

Verse 2:
So insane
That everyday almost every way
Seems to get worse
Ain't trying to preach
But I feel we all know

We got to get it together (get it together)
Before the power people start to sweat ya
Assed you out
Just press on
And be devout

Don't want to shout and point the finger
Cause I'm gonna start in my own mirror
Can we unite and stop the kill for you and me
Can't we feel the sense of community

We're still under seige (we're still under seige)
We gots to be free (free)


Piano solo
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