I Wonder If She Likes Me

Mint Condition

Verse 1:
She arrived at my job
In her white new Celica
Looking rather nice
I wonder what kind of guy does she like
(Yeah, She probably likes nerds)

She's probably the type that likes guys with suits
But if she got to know me, we could get loose
She probably thinks
I'm a bum that works at a car wash
But if she got to know me,
I would be tops

I wonder if she likes me
I wonder if she cares about me
I wonder if she'll marry for free
I wonder if she wants to be with me

I must find out
And see what this fine girl is all about
So I wonder
What should I say
Cause if I say the wrong thing
I could blow it right away

So how about,
"Dinner and candlelight"
She said, "No, not tonight,It just wouldn't be right"
I don't know why you are playing games
Cause you know I know what's on your mind,
Cause when you come to my job
You'll be staring at me all the time


I wonder, does she know
That I'm in love with her
And I won't think twice to leave my wife
Please, girl be with me tonight
You and me in love, girl, would be so nice

(Guitar Solo)

She's a little rich girl
That has lots of cash
So what does she think?
A man like me is too low class

If she only knew
The kind of future we could possibly have
It would make her turn around
And come to me so damned fast
(Ad Lib on Chorus)

She's got the means
She's got the time
She's got the cash
She's got the ride
She's got the means
She's got the time
She's got the cash
She's got the ride
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