Pretty Lady

Mint Condition

Stokley sings
Can I get to know you
Cause I'm cravin to hold ya
Just let me share
All the things that are in my head
You should be havin fun
With the only one
You giv your love to me
Won't you let me complete you baby

Pretty lady, you might think I'm crazy
Pretty lady, won't you be mine
Pretty lady, you should be having my baby
Pretty lady, can we spend some time

Charlie sings
I've been in love before
I'm not afraid you see
I just want to be
The only man you would ever need
Say what you want
Cause I'm here to please you
I'll give you my credit card
Baby and my keys (well maybe not to the ride, but)


And when you smil, like the ocean wide
So beautiful
When I hold you close, and pour it out
my hear and soul
So plentiful
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