Be Like That Sometimes

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Have you ever had a day feels like losin you mind
Everything you do just isn't right
And peace of mind you can not find
Don't fear for there will be another day
See when all is gone astray
Oh and you can't stand the rain
And didn't know it would be that way
Sometimes you gotta say

Well I guess that's just the way it be
Be that way sometimes, life can blow your mind
Can knock you right up of your feet
I guess that's just the way life can be
So when it's just one of those days
When things don't seem to wanna go your way
It'll be alright if you just say
Be Like that Sometimes

It's a hard knock life
Bad news at every door
Do you know, this life what it's all for
And just when you can't take no more
A tone of bricks will fall but you can make it
Life's a mystery but you can change it
Sometimes the game is tough but you must play it
But first you must believe that you can take it

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