Nobody Does It Betta

Mint Condition


I'm not the one who goes for my own pleasure
And then just brush you aside

I'm here to please and meet all your expectations
Ultimately satisfied

You trigger my affections
To mirror your sensations
I promise you
I'll do you so right


If you don't feel good
Then I don't feel good
Don't you know I love you so crazy

If your not ticking
Then I'm not tockin
Nobody does it betta than me


Now that you've had a little taste of my flava
You've found you've deeply touched my soul

See when you learn and understand each other
You get a simple unconditional flow

Nobody can stimulate (No)
Excite the way (No)
Blend the way you do
Girl I'm gonna satisfy you


We're like a weeble wobble and we don't fall down (2x)



We're like a webble wobble and we don't fall down (4x)

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