Sensous Appeal

Mint Condition

Verse 1:
Give a little wink to me my dear
Makin' it look to show no fear
Everybody knows you carry the town

You've been giving your eyes dead on me
Hopin' that I'll look, and I will see
A lovely little creature calling me right now

Everybody feels you have that sensuous appeal, oh yeah
Everybody feels you have that sensuous appeal, oh yeah

Verse 2:

Girl, your late, I've already been knockin'
I spotted you when you when you first walked in
Ladies and gentlemen all took attention

Though I have a lot of good intentions
Take a deep breath, but will not mention
Looking at one of God's wondrous inventions yeah


You're such a joy to see, ooh wee, come on sugar talk to me

Much good vibe going 'round and 'round

(Ad Lib on Chorus)

You me so (nice)
You make me go (ooh)
You make me feel (real)
Got this feeling for (you)
Will you come here, girl
Will you come here girl

That girl looks good, yeah
And she's lucious, yeah
Ooh, tender, yeah
The girl looks rumpious, yeah
Fine, yeah
She's infectious, yeah
And contagious, yeah
Sensuous, yeah
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