Mint Condition


I think that she like me
Sometimes I don't think so
I feel like she needs me
Sometimes I just don't know

I thought we were gonna get to go to bed
But she woke me up out of my dreams
She's keeps playing with my damn head
The things that she pulls I just can't believe


Won't you spend the night
Stop playin with me
Give me one chance
I'll make you never leave


Sometimes she wants to see me
Other times I'm not sure
Sometimes she lets me kiss her
The next minute she's cold

If you ever let me touch ya
I know you'll let me touch ya more than twice
Baby be sure you'll wanna let me do it
Filling me would be the best thing in your life

I got some things that can make you see
I got some things make you wanna be with me
I got some shake that can make you right
I got some things baby
Come on tonight



Won't you spend the night (4x)

Guitar solo


Intoducing Chirs "Daddy" Dave

Drum solo
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