Mint Condition

I feel the heat emanating
Flickering shadows frame your skin
Sensual aurora of your body
Like sweet incense I breathe you in
Tracing paths of anticipation
As you move my hand along your thigh
Watchin your eyes casing my body
Honey you know you got me high

So bring it on girl
And we can get it on girl
I’ll do whatever I need to do lady
To make you moan girl
Wanna hear you call my name
Cause then I’ll know girl
That I’m doin’ it right for you honey
When I hear you moan girl

You know your so intoxicating
Chemistry way off the charts
You got me jonesing for you honey
The way you love me be a work of art
Awww Girl just let me put it to you
Whatever you want that’s alright
Be getting’ it on like Kama Sutra
And you know I know just what you like

There ain’t no need in us tryin’ to shake it
Girl you know just how we do
No more teasing, no more playin’
Time for you to sing your song
Moon to morning long
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