Do U Wanna

Mint Condition


Another one?
Damn, she's fine


Now its been seven years
And now and then
My mind just cuts into the past
Thinking why we just didn't git it right to it
We had to tear away
Because we feared our love was shaking us
Our hearts were taking us higher and higher

Bridge: 1

Our work was second to none
But we got in the way
Career plans were busted
Our lives were thrusted with passion and fire

Bridge: 2

Now that all is said and done
I didn't think at all
That I would still feel the same
Will you respond


I wanna
Do u wanna
Touch me
Like I wanna touch you
I wanna
Do U wanna
Feel me
Like I wanna feel you


It's been so lond since you've been near
You've had plenty of time to clear the mind
Plenty of time for you to find just what you want
But there's one element that you're missing
Further around down the mind
Baby don't you know who you could be kissing

Bridge 1:


We've been together as friends
3 But did you think at all
That you would still feel the same
Would you respond

Chorus 2x

People do U wanna......Yeah

It's the capital funk (What's that?)
It's the capital funk (What's that)

Adlib Chorus til end of song
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