What Kind of Man Would I Be

Mint Condition


You know
We can't do this
We just can't


You say you feel disenchanted
Cause lately he takes you for granted
Still faithful and true you've remain to hurt so have I

You pour out your heart and I listen
And we catch a vibe reminising
Temptation so strong not to meantion the yearning inside


But what kind of man would I be
If I lived unfaithfully
And what kind of girl would you be
If you did the same

Cause I don't want to see her cry
And you don't need a reason to lie
Cause if we lay down tonight
It won't justify through a lover's sigh


The feeling is strong and we know it
But we gotta see past the moment
There's too much to lose if we blow it
This is no lie

Still here we are both together
With promises made that we'd never
Yet feeling it now more than ever
I can't deny


Guitar solo


Here we are
All alone
But somehow we got to be strong


Makes me wanna say oh-oh
Just gotta say oh-oh
Makes me wanna say oh-oh
Just gotta say oh-oh

What kind of man could I be
Oh can't be unfaithful
Sorry baby
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