Mint Condition

Every hour of every day
Children come up missing

Crazy man who has no rights
Takes the life of young ones
On a weekend pass he asks,
"Hey, kid, do you want some candy?"

Crazy man proceeds to grasp
Young ones future in his hands
Keeps kids down and drives away
Left the town in dismay

Hear me cry (me cry)
In the night (the night)
Someone come and rescue me
The sun comes up (comes up)
No sign of us (of us)
And where I'm at's a mystery

Teach them now and show them how
So they won't come up missing

Peers and pressure go hand in hand
Every day's a moral task
Crazy man won't go away
Till the laws are passed to stay cagead

Search is on for kids at night
With first in mind a child's rights
Bend(?) to one and have no fear
Want everyone to steer clear of here

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