If The Feeling's Right

Mint Condition


If the feeling is right
Just let it flow come on now
If the feeling's right
Just let it flow tonight


You've got these feelings of just how we could be
But you're hesitating about setting them free
If you just trust them you may find ecstasy
And I will be the one to fulfill your fantasies


If the feeling is right
Then we can get it on
And we can flow on till
The break of dawn (Til the break of dawn)
If the feeling is right
Unlock your fantasies
If the feeling's right
Come and freak me


I'd love to rub your sexy body baby
I wanna touch you where it drives you crazy
All though the night and even all though the day
I just wanna love you honey
Don't be afraid


Whatcha need I got
Gotta feeling that your love don't stop
Till tha break of dawn
And through the day so hot
Cause I got what you need
Definately like the way you shake
And gotta whole lotta lotta bass
And can we kick it to my place
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