Forever In Your Eyes

Mint Condition


It came unannounced
This feeling I feel for you
I had to know
Was it love you felt too

Not through your words
But the way that you looked at me
Told me just how
How much you really care


So don't you try and hide your feelings
Cause it's so very plain to see
I can see forever
Forever in you eyes

Just let your heart faithfully guide you
Guide you to love infinity
I can see forever
Forever in your eyes


Here we are
Baby the time is right
Now there's no doubt
What we feel is right

So just say the word
Cause I'm in it much too deep
To turn away
So please say you'll stay


Keyboard Solo



Girl I wanna hold ya
Your head on my shoulder
With you I'll never tire
We'll take it higher and higher


I'll never hurt you baby
I'll never be untrue
All my hopes and dreams
Are realized in your bed baby

I'll never leave you sugar
I'll never leave your side
Our love is here forever
I can see it in your eyes

Repeat Bridge until end of song
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