Leave Me Alone

Mint Condition

Shocked, when I sen't ya
Hair flung back, with his fingers pleasin' ya
So now my head, is in a spin profound
By way of, this big ass cerebral pound
Don't you know, I was so down for you
But I see, you had other things to do
thought you had, had me on a string
And you said, for me you'd do anything
Just keep all your lies at the door, and just

Leave me alone
Stop all that crying, and
Leave me alone
Cause I ain't buying it, so just
Leave me alone,
Stop all that crying, and just
Leave me alone,
Cause I ain't buyin it

Had your nerve, one minute you sob for me
And the next, livin' extra-cirricular fantasies
And this pain, feels like it'll carry through
the next life, I really feel it's true
Don't be surprised if I smile and say

Still just leave my ass alone (continue chorus)
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