This Day This Minute Right Now

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Come here sweetheart,
There's something I need to say
And I wanna share it with you
Right here, right now
Come on walk with me

I gotta tell you what I'm feeling,
Gotta make you realize
So let me tell you what I'm thinking
I need to have you by my side
You give me something to believe in
And now I promise on this day
I'm gonna love you, always

I dedicate my heart my soul I give to you
This day, this minute right now
Let ths moment mark the day I pledge my love for you
This day, this minute right now

I must admit you've got me weak kneed
You know you turn me on and on
The irony is that in weakness
It's still your love that makes me strong
I gotta say that I'm so grateful
Tho have this change today
To look into your eyes, and say


Now this is the real thing
Everyday a new beginning
Here with you is where I belong
Together on & on

Chorus w/Adlib

Just let the moment seize us, please us
Let the feeling teast us, lead us
4x w/Adlibs to end
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